GOB Large Pad - Designed for Use with Free Weights

Sizing guide

Note: Our GOB Large Pad is recommended for use with free weights. For lifting with machine weights, we recommend purchasing the GOB Small Pad.

This pad was designed for usage with free weights.  We have now modified the strap so you can velcro it to various free weight stations without risk of it slipping off.  This allows you to target specific muscles with precision. By manipulating your body angles, you can now engage your desired muscle groups more effectively than ever before. Say goodbye to generic workouts and welcome a new era of targeted training! This and is wider than the 2.0 and 3.0 pads.  

Weighing in as a lightweight companion, this pad is extremely portable, making it a convenient addition to your gym bag. Whether you're hitting the local gym or traveling to a fitness retreat, the Enhanced GOB Weight Training Pad ensures you can continue your training regimen wherever you go. Its compact design and ease of use allow you to set it up on any machine or bench, enabling you to train solo without any hassle.

This pad is better for those that are over 5'9."  It can be used by shorter people, but those with broad shoulders might find it more advantageous.  It can be used on various pieces of equipment and provides for a slightly more stable environment if you are trying to use on free weight movements.  It is firmer than the 2.0 and has a velcro strap, which makes it ability to attach to equipment quite easy.  

If your financial situation permits, it behooves you to have both the small and large pad .  You will find that you will like one or the other better depending on the equipment you are using.   There is no catch all absolute prescription for anyone.