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Training protocols: 

    • Charles training method as an introduction.
    • The number of reps and sets based on each bodypart
    • Speed of reps & the ultimate time to complete a workout.
    • Warm ups and how to avoid injuries.
    • How to build a workout program & Training splits
    • Selection of exercises and angles.
    • Explanation of the various intensifying muscle building techniques ( paused press – drop sets – forced reps – 21’s set – supersets )
    • Layout of the most used exercises with charles for each muscle. 
    • How to enhance your body composition and lose fat
    • Difference between Women and Men training style.
    • Q & A about the above topics.

Nutrition protocols:

  • Nutrition Overview ( Marcos and Micro nutrients )
  • How to design your nutrition program based on your goals ( build muscle or lose fat)
  • Meal timing & frequency
  • Supplements overview.
  • Difference between Women and Men diets.
  • Q & A about the above topics.